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education metaverse


SKYLECT is aspiring to become the world’s immersive education metaverse and promote the digital transformation of educational institutions, businesses, and professionals from diverse fields.


SKYLECT is cross-platform ready, enabling to leverage VR technologies and PC screen visualization, when a VR headset is not available, in an all-in-one software solution.


Session participants, irrespective of their whereabouts, can join in synchronously to share and interact in a highly immersive stereoscopic virtual environment.

Start today with creating your immersive education experience for self-learning, entertainment, and training.

Don’t Let a Crisis Stop Your Progress Again

Get your team around you in SKYLECT and unleash creativity like never before.

Remote Delivery Teaching

Institutions can launch remote delivery sessions providing alternative and productive teaching modules which lead to better learning outcomes.

Training & Meetings

Corporate representatives work in the virtual space together with other participants, freed from the need to travel and change workplaces.

Cross-platform Ready

You can host and join a SKYLECT session from any modern PC, smartphone, and tablet. Dual operation for VR and non-VR usage is supported when a PC-powered VR headset is not available.

Asset Store

In our Asset Store we offer quality 3D models, videos, images and presentation files, prepared from skilled academics and artists  to facilitate the needs of different market segments.


SKYLECT provides the ability to design course materials that maximize return on investment and are responsive to client objectives.

Our Promise

As we are aiming to echo a contemporary mindset, we are creating versatile solutions supporting lifelong learning attitudes, and career development pursuits, for the present and future.

Live session? We’ve got you covered

SKYLECT incorporates an extensive toolkit to help you get the best remote collaboration experience in VR and flat screen devices.

You don’t Have to Collaborate with your Team in Two Dimensions

Available on

iPhone / iPad

Apple Mac

Google Play

Huawei App Gallery

Windows 10

Virtual Reality support

SKYLECT is available on  Standalone and PC-powered VR headsets.

Oculus Quest 2

VIVE Cosmos

Oculus Rift S

Valve Index


VIVE Elite


Dell Visor



Lenovo WMR

Asus MR

Acer MR

Oculus Rift

Samsung MR

It is All About People