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How to overcome students’ distraction



     Regarding Mehmet Ali Cicekci and Fatma Sadik’s paper about Teachers’ and Students’ Opinions About Students’ Attention Problems During the Lesson, ” It is suggested that teachers should consider evidence that the student’s attention is distracted as a clue to change the learning process and prevent the students from getting bored using more appropriate teaching practices”

    As Jeffrey Smith and John Salmon refer to their paper about Development and Analysis of Virtual Reality Technician-Training Platform and Methods, “With a rising generation surrounded by the distractions of texting, web-browsing, and social media, VR may potentially be a powerful tool to more fully engage the individual in the learning process.”
    SKYLECT understood students’ needs and interests and provide them with opportunities to explore their full potentials.

    For that reason, we created an innovative tool, named ‘Experiences’, that gives students the chance to expand their knowledge in an interactive, groundbreaking, up-to-date, VR environment.


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