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Best Immersive Education Company

In the Technology Innovator Awards 2021, SKYLECT won the award for the ‘Best Immersive Education Company’ of the year. The Technology Innovator Awards is being hosted by the Corporate Vision Magazine known for its mission to deliver insightful features from across the global corporate world.

The education of others is essential to personal development, but finding the right space for this to happen is not always easy. The team behind SKYLECT has built their entire platform around this aim, creating a B2B and B2C online learning and collaboration platform that builds new value propositions within an organization. We take a look at how their use of technology has transformed this sector.

Education never stops, and those who go on to achieve great things within a company are always looking for new sources of inspiration that can make their work great. Of course, different people operate in different ways so it can be tricky to find a teaching model that suits the individual and allows them to thrive most easily, until the arrival of SKYLECT.

SKYLECT is an incredible collaborative platform that allows organizations like educational institutions, businesses, or diverse field experts to educate their staff in a whole new world of opportunity. Through the use of multidisciplinary projects based upon real-world scenarios in a seamless online delivery, the firm’s impressive platform is able to satisfy the highest expectations of digital-native audiences.

At its heart, SKYLECT encourages open discussion, role play, interaction, summative and formative feedback documenting learning performance, acquisition of core competencies, and life-like communication. There is an incredible barrier between modern learners and distributed teams that can be overcome through the use of innovative technology such as immersive VR. The use of the VR ecosystem eases the learning and collaboration process while enhancing performance outcomes in a gamified way.

When the team first opened its doors, the aim was to create a brand new way of working, and the team has built a seamless multicultural collaboration & learning environment where virtual teams can organize, delegate, supervise, and perform tasks. With the support of new generation tools, a regularly enhanced 3D asset library, and virtual reality to shine the learning and collaboration experience, SKYLECT restructures how audiences work, learn, and interact and transforms competency into continuous success.

To ensure that learners are constantly engaged with a course, a variety of different methods are used throughout. These are designed specifically to be conducive to deeper immersion and higher comprehension at all levels. As an online solution, it’s easy to create ways in which distributed learners can benefit from unlimited tailor-made teaching opportunities as a blended learning model can simply be adjusted to meet their needs.

For businesses, the benefits of SKYLECT are numerous, with the firm able to epitomize the flexible work culture. As well as offering new educational courses, SKYLECT is the ideal platform on which to create a fully remote or a hybrid virtual teamwork schedule. This can have an incredible effect on the way in which a business operates, as teams can work more efficiently, with increased morale, in a stress-free environment.

The appeal of SKYLECT comes from its comprehensive solution, offering an alternative yet reliable medium for businesses to work with. The result is often higher collaboration standards within a community development framework. Naturally, the solution is one that is easily scaled to meet the needs of any growing and successful business, whether it is in education or a host of non-academic solutions. It’s a modern solution to the age-old problem of how to bring people together.

The world has changed incredibly quickly, with companies embracing distance learning, team collaboration, and training through optimizing immersive technologies. All of this growth, however, is a consequence of using the latest technologies, carefully adapted to meet specific needs. That focus on technology is thanks to teams like those at SKYLECT, which is why they have been able to achieve such incredible success for their clients.

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