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SKYLECT for cooking lessons

If you want to share your passion for cooking, SKYLECT is for you.
Why not create your own chef-training session from the comfort of your kitchen? Make use of the full potential of the powerful communication tools at hand, and create a stimulating video webinar. Start your narrative with your outdoor experience seeking natural ingredients; show your audience what it takes to organize a feast before it gets ready to serve. Then, open the door of your kitchen with the ‘video’ and ‘audio’ tools and afford your guests real-time engagement. Take the chance to clarify points brought into question. Upload your recipe to make all the ingredients visible any time you feel appropriate during the course. Create a colorful drawing in three-dimensional space with the 3D painting tool! Now, everybody can capture the image with the ‘cam’ tool and save it for later use. Put the finishing touches with the ‘quiz’ tool and add an academic flavor to your culinary journey.

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