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SKYLECT in 'The future of learning: A deep dive into emerging Ed Tech' webinar

EdTech was changing rapidly before covid and has taken a quantum leap forward in adoption due to COVID, requiring teachers to find new ways of serving their students and making their work sustainable under the radically new environment. is pleased to host this exploration into new and emerging technology enabling lean educational systems, differentiated learning, and agility in the classroom and beyond.

L-eaf hosted an enlightening webinar about the future of education. As we ride the wave of the digital era, it is becoming easier to get connected with a global reach. A world of information is at your fingertips with the click of a button or a simple voice command, and, as technology continues to advance, students need to grow their learning with it. Technology is no longer a motivating factor when it comes to learning – it is a must. It’s something that needs to be incorporated in the future of education to ensure students are equipped with the skills to cope in a world dependent on technology.

SKYLECT was here, informing about immersive education networks. Immersive technologies have the power to engage, enrich learning experiences and increase retention of knowledge and improve understanding. This makes virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences fantastic tools for education from primary school through to higher education and beyond across a broad range of subjects. From curriculum-focused, school-based virtual reality content, to playful augmented reality educational apps that can be enjoyed outside the classroom with family and friends, there are some great lessons to be learned by the inspirational immersive experiences that are leading the way in innovative approaches to education.

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